Cynthia Mears is an emerging ceramic artist and oil painter from North Texas. She began drawing and painting as a way to express herself and work through personal losses in her life. Mears began practicing visual arts as a self-taught acrylic painter in 2009. Since 2017, she has been studying fine arts at Texas Woman's University. The artist developed a passion for ceramic arts at TWU and has been developing her own approach to installation art, in which she combines ceramic art, sculpture, and oil painting in one space to create multi-dimensional, interdisciplinary artworks. Mears is a newcomer to the professional art world but has a lifetime of experience, heartache, success, failure and change under her belt that all give her art expressionistic qualities which dive deep into the human psyche. In 2021, she will receive a BFA in Studio Art from TWU. Her online portfolio can be viewed at

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